Quality & Support

Precision Quality Control to Make the Operation in Optimum Condition.


TOYO Electric always dedicates all its strength to make best products and to build up trustful relations with customers.
For the manufacture phase, TOYO has installed various high precision inspection equipments in many fields such as the ultrasound flaw detector which probes the inside of the parts with ultrasound, the infrared radiation thermometer which can make a non-contact measurement of temperature, and the fiberscope which magnifies the inaccessible locations or the inner surface of the flow path for polymer.
Since its establishment, TOYO has been manufacturing the products to repay customer’s trust with bringing the flexible management technologies into all over manufacture phases.
Besides, TOYO is always striving to get and analyze the new data, and to feedback the analyzed information into the products to be improved.
Consequently, TOYO’s heating system is able to satisfy our customers.


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